Assist: Cosmetics - Pitouch Mild 5m Roll

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Manufacturer: Assist Wig Japan
Item Number: 026636

Size (approx.): Length: 16.4 ft. (5m), Width: 0.39 in. (10mm)

For fixing costumes and accessories!

Double-sided tape that's safe on skin that firmly keeps accessories such as ribbons or straps attached to skin.
● Prevents socks and gloves from slipping down.
● Keeps ribbons and other accessories in place!
● Skin-friendly material, so sticking directly to skin is okay!
● 5M roll that can be fully used
● Works on stockings!
* Depending on the material some fabrics may have trouble sticking.

* Peel off gently and slowly so as not to damage your skin.
* Should you experience a rash, itchiness or irritation during use, discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist.
* Do not use this product continuously for more than 24 hours as it may cause a rash.
* Do not use if you have an idiosyncratic constitution or if you have had an allergic reaction such as a rash with a similar product in the past.
* Do not use for infants.

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