Assist: Cosmetics - Taping Protective Gel (Hadamamoritai AS) (027833)

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Manufacturer: Assist Japan
Item Size: 10g
Item Number: 027833

Taping Protective Gel is a gel-like moisturizer that gently protects the cosplayer's skin when taping.

It also contains ingredients that improve the adhesion of the tape, so it is ideal for cosplayers who suffer from the longevity of the Lift-Up Tape.

▼ Hydrolyzed collagen combination ▼
Gives skin firmness and penetrates deep into the skin to moisturize it.

▼ Plant extract combination ▼
Contains a lot of botanical extracts to tighten the skin and give it firmness!
Contains 7 types including Senkyu Rhizome Extract!

*Please stop use immediately if you experience irritation upon application.


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