Assist: Cosplay Accessory - Makipeta (Small/Medium) (023839)

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Manufacturer: Assist Wig Japan
Item Size (Approx.): Fits Japanese A-C Cup (US AA-B Cup)
Length: 28.3 in. Width: 7 in.

Item No.: 023839

An ideal need for all types of cosplayers! This chest binder can be wrapped with moderate stretch to provide a comfortable bind throughout the day.

It is also easily adjustable! Use it once and the fabric will mold to your body for even more comfort!

Alternatively this can be used around the waist to provide the same effect!

*This product is not meant to be worn for long periods of time, we recommend the max of 4-6 hours at a time. If you feel any discomfort please loosen or remove the binder and allow your body to rest. 

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