Assist: Wig Accessory - Wig Dye (Gray) (018464)

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Manufacturer: Assist Wig Japan
Item Size (Approx.): 50g
Item No.: 018464

This product is made specifically for dying white and other light colored wigs to achieve your desired color.

You can mix multiple colors for interesting and new colors too! Mix with hot water.

【How to use】
①Set the pot (bowl) on the stove.
※Choose a wig size that can be submerged. When dyeing, 
②Shake well and dilute the mixed dye with water and turn on the stove.
After boiling, soak in the wig.
※About 80 °C (176 °F) is an appropriate temperature.
③Take out the wig when you've achieved a good color.
(be careful not to get burned!)
The longer the wig is submerged, the darker the stain.
Assist's research determines the following recommended time for submersion:
Short wig: 8 minutes
Medium: 8 - 10 minutes
Long: 10 - 15 minutes
④When the wig is dyed to a color you like, wash thoroughly and dry the wig.
You can dye other items, and not just wigs!

• What can be dyed •
(Assist wig/acrylic resin/Polyester / rubber band)
Mixing dyes is possible!
※We did not try dyeing wigs that are not Assist wigs.
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