Assist: Cosplay Goods - Washable Fake Blood (012966)

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Manufacturer: Assist
Item No: 012966

This fake blood is water-soluble and washes off of clothes and skin with ease.

- If it gets on your costume, you can easily remove the stains by washing the garment.

- Since we are unable to test this product on every type of fabric, please use sparingly and with caution.

There may be certain types of fabric that the fake blood will not wash out of as easily as others.

- Please wash clothing as soon as you are done wearing to avoid long-term stains.

- Product takes up to 30 minutes to full dry.

- Please stop using this product immediately if it causes any kind of irritation or redness to the skin.

- Keep away from eyes and mouth, and out of reach of children.

- Do not apply to any area with an open wound or sore.

- Do not keep in extremely cold or hot temperatures, and avoid contact with direct sunlight.

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