DragoBorne: Booster Pack - Vol. 5 - Reckoning of Vashr (104000013932)

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Manufacturer: Bushiroad The war against the machine horde was long and arduous. and left scars on the peoples of the five nations. But even when their opponent is as powerful as Deus Ex Machina. the Dragolords of Vashr never gave up on their internecine strife. choosing to fight enemies both new and old. However. the power that came with that dedication to strife did not go unnoticed. and far off in the distance from Vashr. five angels began to stir. The time for the reckoning of Vashr has come. Colors included in [Surge of Titans]: Yellow. Green. Blue. Red. Black The fifth Dragoborne booster [Reckoning of Vashr] features cards from all of the five colors. allowing players to build all sorts of decks featuring dragons. angels. elves. demons. goblins. and more. Each [Reckoning of Vashr] display contains 20 packs of 8 cards. of which 1 or possibly more cards will be of R rarity or above! Introducing all-new multicolored cards! The Dragolords of Vashr have honed their prowess to unbelievable heights through countless wars. and deepened the divides between the five nations. But there are those who by virtue of their upbringing or experiences. have spanned beyond the temporary alliances of war. Could they be the answer to this new crisis? Multicolored cards can be identified by the colors in the card frame. cost. ATK and EDR boxes. and the nation symbol. Multicolored cards can provide additional flexibility in deck-building. as a multicolor card in the resource zone can count as any of its colors when rested as the cost to play a card! e.g Grakk can be rested to pay for Red or Black cards. In order to play a multicolor card. you will need to rest at least 1 card for each of the card's colors. e.g. You will need to rest at least 1 Red card and 1 Black card to play Grakk. This also means that they tend to have powerful abilities to go with the increase in difficulty to play them! [Reckoning of Vashr] contains: - 1 pack contains 8 random cards - 1 display contains 20 packs - 80 types of normal cards (RR: 10 R: 20 U: 20 C: 30) + 5 secret cards - Parallel holo versions of all normal cards will also be randomly inserted!! - At least 1 card in every pack will definitely be an R or above card!! - 5 banner cards and 5 dice will be included in each display!! [Limited to first edition]