Gamera: The Showa Era (Blu-Ray)

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Manufacturer: Arrow Video

Release Date: 1/26/2021

Media: Blu-ray

Spoken Language: English, Japanese

Subtitle Language: English

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Themes: Adventure

Region Code: A

Product Number: 760137441083


Gamera: The Showa Era contains the films Gamera the Giant Monster, Gamera vs. Barugon, Gamera vs. Gyaos, Gamera vs. Viras, Gamera vs. Guiron, Gamera vs. Jiger, Gamera vs. Zigra, and Gamera: Super Monster directed by Noriaki Yuasa and Shigeo Tanaka.

As giant monsters rampaged the Japanese cinematic landscape during the "kaiju boom" of the mid-1960s, Daiei Studios introduced a new character to the screen that would be embraced for generations: Gamera, the giant, flying, fire-breathing turtle, and friend of all children! Buried under the Arctic ice for several millennia, the colossal chelonian is unleashed upon Japan, leaving havoc in his wake.

After becoming an unexpected box office sensation, Gamera returned several more times, leaping to the world's defence against a motley assortment of evil creatures, from the death-ray-shooting flying terror Gyaos, to the knife-headed alien menace Guiron, to the underwater invader Zigra!

Special Features: Commentaries, Newly Filmed Introductions by August Ragone, High Definition (1080p) Transfer of Gammera the Invincible, the American Theatrical Version of the Film, Remembering the Gamera Series Archive Featurette from 1991, Interview with Noriaki Yuasa Filmed by Jörg Buttgereit in 2002, Gamera Special Hour-Long Best-Of Compilation, Alternate English Credits, Trailer and Image Galleries, High Definition (1080p) Transfer of War of the Monsters, the Shorter American Edit of Gamera vs. Barugon, Choice of Three Different Versions of Gamera vs. Viras via Seamless Branching, New Featurette with Actor Carl Craig Showing His Souvenirs and Props from Gamera vs. Viras, Highlights from the G-FEST X Convention in 2003, The 4th Nippon Jamboree Promotional Film for the Boy Scouts of Japan Directed by Yuasa in 1966.

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