Gigant Vol. 6 (Manga)

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Publisher: SEVEN SEAS
Release Year: 2021
Media: Manga
Genre: Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Age Rating: 16+
Item Number: 9781648273483


GIGANT Manga Volume 6 features story and art by Hiroya Oku, the author of the top-selling title Gantz.

By vanquishing the three “Gods of Destruction” that assaulted Tokyo, Chiho secured her place as Japan’s national hero, a figure of admiration worldwide. But that casts an uncomfortable shadow on her relationship with Rei, a high schooler several years her junior. Though the two of them try to enjoy a romantic vacation, the crisis facing the Earth is far from over.

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Manufacturer: Seven Seas
Release Year:
Box Size (Approximately):  x x x inches
Item/Figure Size (Approximately): inches

Item Number: 9781648273483

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