Heavy Metal L-Gaim: Hi-Metal R - Heavy Metal Bat-Shu

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Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Year: 2020

Item/Figure Size (Approximately): 8" inches 


-HI-METAL R has a large lineup of [Heavy L-Gaim] series large models

-Large model equivalent to 1/100, the [Heavy L-Gaim] series has been fully developed! The first step is A-class heavy metal [Bash]!
-This is the definitive item of [Bash], which is finished with completely new modeling using a variety of materials, such as a die-cast frame with a plating finish, armor made of ABS, and a soft armor that reproduces a unique feel with rubber coating.

-Buster launcher, synonymous with Bash's armament, is approximately 315mm long.
-Random slate opening and closing gimmick is also implemented. One of the highlights is the frame composed of various textured parts, such as die-cast parts finished with plating, ABS painted with metallic paint, cables using soft PVC.
-The pose of the moment when you are about to jump is decided with a wide range of motion!
-The characteristic head shape that looks like a skull or a warrior is reproduced with high quality.

- set content
・ Body
・ Replacement wrist left two kinds right three kinds
・ Buster Launcher
・ Energy bomber
・ Tachi Saber pattern × 2
・ Tachi Saber Blade x 2

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