Kamen Rider Saber: DX - Seiken Swordriver

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-From [Kamen Rider Saber], you can enjoy the transformation and play of Kamen Rider Saber [Henshin Belt DX Seiken Saw Driver]!



-Set the Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Book on the saw driver buckle! When you sword out the flame sword Retsu, the page of the Wonder Ride Book opens and you become a Kamen Rider Saber Brave Dragon!
-Various special moves such as Rider Kick Special Moves, Special Moves without a sword, and Special Moves that lead the Wonder Ride Book!
-In addition, a special move will be activated in conjunction with the separately sold DX Saw Driver Essential Book Holder.
-By increasing the number of Wonder Ride Books set on the saw driver buckle to two or three, you can power up or change the form.
-In addition, if you set the separately sold DX Water Sword Ryumizu Emblem & Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book, it will transform into Kamen Rider Blaze Lion Senki!
-Wonder Ride Book sounds the title name when you press the button, and the story sound when you open the page, and you can play it alone.


Box Content

·Saw driver buckle...x1
·Flame sword fire... x1
·One set of belt belt…x1
·Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Book... x1
·Instruction manual...x1


Box Size: 14.5" x 4" x 11" inches approximately 

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Manufacturer: Bandai

Product Number: 4549660511090

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