Kamen Rider V3 Special Edition DVD Box Set

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  • Language: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region: Region 1 
  • Number of discs: 6

This blistering boxset contains all 52 action-packed episodes of the classic series, digitally remastered and fully subtitled in English - absolutely complete and uncut on six fully loaded DVDs!

After witnessing the brutal murder of his family and mortally wounded at the hands of the demonic Destron organization, motocross phenom Kazami Shiro (Miyauchi Hiroshi) is reborn as a cyborg created by Kamen Riders One (Hongo Takeshi played by Fujioka Hiroshi) and Two (Ichimonji Hayato played by Sasaki Takeshi). Drawing power from his Henshin Belt, Shiro vows to avenge his family and annihilate Destron! Astride his superbike, the Hurricane, V3 charges into their army of mutants...

Produced by the prolific action film company Toei Studios and the hit-making team of Creative Producer Hirayama Tohru and Manga Author Ishinomori Shotaro (KIKAIDA), KAMEN RIDER V3 is not just a superhero saga, it's a superhero opera.

Exploding with breakneck action by the Ono Ken-Yukai, an exciting score from Kikuchi Shunsuke (DRAGONBALL Z), and the electrifying presence of action star Miyauchi Hiroshi, KAMEN RIDER V3 defined the superhero genre for a generation of Japanese television viewers in the 1970s. Fight on, Kamen Rider V3!

From JN Productions, Inc., producers of the "Kikaida" DVD.
This is the box set you've been waiting for!

- The Complete 52-Episode Series
- Fully Subtitled in English
- (with Expletives Deleted Subtitle Option)
- Digitally Remastered Picture and Sound
- Loaded with Special Features
- Exclusive Interview with star Miyauchi Hiroshi (Kazami Shiro/Kamen Rider V3)
- Behind-the-Scenes Episode Factoids
- 6 Kamen Rider V3 Karaoke Music Videos
- 71 Character Profiles with Sound
- Kamen Rider V3 Trivia Quiz
- "Who Was That Masked Bug-Man?" Essay
- "Destron: The Army with Roots in Hell" Essay
- Cast and Staff List
- Episode Selection And More!