Livingstone Vol. 4 (Manga)

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Media: Manga
Genre: Drama
Themes: Supernatural
Age Rating: 16+
Release Date: 2016
Page Count: 208
Written Language: English
Item Number: 9781632363053


Livingstone manga volume 4 features story by Tomohiro Maekawa with illustrations by Jinsei Kataoka.

Amano has set out on a mission to find his soul, and along with Sakurai, his journey leads him to his hometown of Okinawa. As Amano seeks an answer to whether or not he can find his origins, Sakurai also seeks answers of his own. Heavy with the burden of reliving the memories of lost souls, he is haunted by the question of what exactly makes a soul. However, answering these questions entices danger, as Amano’s ever growing humanity has set him on a course for self-destruction. Will they find what they seek before it’s too late?