Lumica Light: Daisenko Concert Bag

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Manufacturer: Lumica USA
Item Size (Approx.): Width 215mm × Height 260mm × Depth 100 mm
Item No.: 4967574312211

Dedicated to LED penlights / cyalume glow stick users! Excellent functionality! Designed with an open top so you can quickly store and retrieve your gear!

It ’s compact, but has plenty of room! This bag can hold everything you need for live performances and events. It comes with a waterproof case that can store not only penlights and glow sticks, but also importantly, hydration bottles.

When you open the zippered pocket, there are two ticket holders and battery storage space!? There are two multi-purpose D-rigs that can be hooked on the left and right, so you can set penlights, hang a glow sticks, attach a key ring, and use it in various ways.

The strap is adjustable and has a detachable shoulder pad so it's easy to hang for a long time! It's built with quick detach swivel carabiners for ease of use.

The bag can be worn over the shoulder, across the back or chest, or even around the waist!

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