Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt Vol. 15 (Manga)

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Publisher: VIZ BOOKS

Release Year:  1/19/2021 

Author: Yasuo Ohtagaki

Product Number: 9781974720729


Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Manga Volume 15 features story and art by Yasuo Ohtagaki.

The battle for the Nanyang Alliance’s Taal volcano base is over. Sojo Levan Fu and his followers managed to evacuate the newly manufactured Psycho Zakus into orbit. But this victory came at a heavy price. During a ferocious rearguard action, Io—consumed by his bloodlust—accidentally killed someone dear to both he and Daryl. Enraged, Daryl destroyed the Spartan. In the aftermath of the battle, what’s left of the Spartan’s crew regroups to lick their wounds. Io lies in the infirmary, broken by what he’s done. But the war is not finished with Io Fleming, and will leave him with nothing when it’s over. Until then, he has only one job to do…



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