Toho SFX Movies Authentic Visual Book Extra Vol.1 Super X Series

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Manufacturer: Godzilla Store


“TOHO SFX MOVIES AUTHENTIC VISUAL BOOK” is a series focused exclusively on one character (mainly one monster) for each issue, appeared in TOHO special effects movies.
“ EX” is the extra edition which features for the actors or the super weapons.
“Super X” appeared in“ Godzilla” (84),“ Godzilla vs. Biollante” (89) and “Godzilla vs. Destroyah” (89) as the super weapons that belonged to the Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces, and they were respectively different in appearances. This book features various models of Super X.


Specifications: All colors, A4 horizontal type (H210 x W297 mm)
all 36 pages

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Manufacturer: Godzilla Store
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