Toho SFX Movies Authentic Visual Book Vol.42 Gabara

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Manufacturer: Godzilla Store 

Release Year: 2020

The "Toho Special Effects Official Visual Book" is a series in which the characters (mainly monsters) appearing in the special effects works of Toho movies are limited to one work, one kind, and one book. This book (EX) is a special edition that deals only with super weapons and famous actors who were active in Toho special effects. This issue of "Gabara" appeared in "Godzilla, Minilla, Gabara, All Monsters, Great Attack" published in 1969. Enjoy the molding with steel and snaps when shooting.

“TOHO SFX MOVIES AUTHENTIC VISUAL BOOK” is a series focused exclusively on one character (mainly one monster) for each issue, appeared in TOHO special effects movies. “EX” is the extra edition which features for the actors or the super weapons. In this issue, “Gabara” is focused which appeared in “All Monsters Attack” (1969). We hope you enjoy the design of Gabara with these snapshots and still pictures taken during the shooting of the film.

Specifications: All colors, A4 horizontal type (H210 x W297 mm)
all 36 pages

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