Weiss Schwarz: Booster Box Case - Attack on Titan Vol. 2 Ver. E(105063675)

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This SEALED booster box set includes 16 booster boxes. This set is a reprint of the original set from 2017. 

Booster Pack Attack on Titan Vol.2

Despair has returned!
Join in the fight on the
Weiss Schwarz stage
and resist the attack!!

7 types of SP Gold Foil/Hot Stamp signed cards from the various
Japanese voice cast are randomly inserted in packs!!

Eren : Yuki Kaji
Mikasa : Yui Ishikawa
Armin : Marina Inoue
Levi : Hiroshi Kamiya
Hanji : Romi Park
Sasha : Yu Kobayashi
Christa : Shiori Mikami

"To Seize Freedom" Hange (SP) SPAOT/S50-025SP“静かなる激情”リヴァイ(サイン入り) SPAOT/S50-002SP“背負った宿命”エレン(サイン入り) SPAOT/S50-001SP "To seize freedom" Armin (Signed)


SPAOT/S50-051SP "Goddess' Smile" Christa (Signed) SPAOT/S50-052SP“抱く思い”ミカサ(サイン入り) SPAOT/S50-053SP "To seize freedom" Sasha (signed)