Jungle Provides a Buyback Program for You to Sell Your Used Goods!

Note: Our buyback program is only done in-person at our store.

Requirements to Use Our Buyback Program



It is required to bring a form of legal identification, such as a driver's license, passport, etc. Forms of identification such as school IDs, credit cards, etc. will not be accepted.

-Must be over 18

Minors must be accompanied by an adult, and the process will be done through the adult's name.

-Must be willing to have your fingerprint recorded

You must be willing to provide us a plain fingerprint impression of your right thumb, as required by the Los Angeles Police Commission.

What You Need to Know

-Our buyback program closes one hour before store closing. (Open until 6pm.)
-We can not give a final estimate until we have inspected the item.
-We are not able to return the items once you have agreed to sell to us.

How Does Our Buyback Program Work?

-Bring in your items, and we will start inspecting them and work on getting you a quote.
-Depending on the amount of items, the assessment may take longer. This process may take anywhere between a few minutes to a few days, depending on the amount of items that need to be inspected.
-Once the assessment is done, we will give you our quote.
-Upon agreeing, we will pay the purchase price on the spot.

What we will buy:

-Anime Blu-Ray/DVDs
-Toys and figures of anime, tokusatsu, kaiju, and other Japanese items
-Model kits
-Broken/built Gundam model kits
-Funko POPs

What we will not buy:

-Items with non-Japanese origins, such as American comics, action figures of superheroes, etc. We may buy items with non-Japanese origins if they are made by a Japanese manufacturer. (Such as Star Wars model kits made by Bandai or superhero Bishoujo Statues made by Kotobukiya.)
-Anything made of cloth. (No cosplay, any form of clothing, wall scrolls, plushies, etc.)
-Counterfeit items
-Video games
-Heavily damaged items
-Any items that we have reasonable cause to believe are stolen.


Pricing is determined by the item's condition, market price, the stock condition of the item.

For further questions and details, please call us at (213)621-1661 at extension 5.