Privacy Policy

All personal information will be used by Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle only for the purposes in which they have been provided, and will not be revealed to any third parties unless agreed upon by the customer.

1.  Personal Information
Personal information is defined as any information relating to the customer, such as names, birthdates, sex, telephone numbers, email addresses, occupations, etc.

2.  Collection and Use of Personal Information
Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle will collect and use the personal information received by its customers for the following reasons detailed below.

3.  Third Companies
Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle will not relay personal information to any third party unless it is called through by law or previously agreed upon with the customer.

4.  Trustees
In order to provide certain services, certain information will need to be provided to outside of the company. The trustees with whom the information is shared with will be carefully monitored by Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle.

5.  Personal Information Management
In order to prevent any information leakages, losses or damage, a manager is placed in charge of all personal information and will work to keep all stored information safe, as well as store any new information safely.

6.  Removal or Editing of Information
Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle will be happy to change, confirm or remove any personal information provided the owner of the information is able to prove his identity.