For fans of the ever popular Funko POP line, look no further than Jungle #5! We challenge you to find a store with a wider variety of Funko POPs than us! From animation to live action, comic book to video game characters, famous musicians to pop culture icons, and even some pre-owned exclusive POPs for prices you won't find online! All managed by a staff up to date on the newest figures circulating the market.

Our Buyback Program is also located here at Jungle #5! You can sell your figures, manga, DVD/Blu-Rays, model kits, and POPs! Our staff will guide you through our buyback process, swiftly inspect your items and give you a quote! 

Although primarily a Funko POP! store, there are also a variety of other items such as Facto stickers, Q Poskets, and figures from our very own brand, Mitsurin Studios!

Entertainment Hobby Shop 5th 

Merchandise Handled / Service
Funko Pop!, Facto Stickers, Q posket figures, Mitsurin Studio figures, buyback program.

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