Golden Kamuy Vol. 21 (Manga)

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Golden Kamuy Manga Volume 21

Golden Kamuy manga volume 21 features story and art by Satoru Noda.

Sugimoto and Asirpa (and Shiraishi too) have been reunited and head south across Karafuto with the goal of returning to Hokkaido. But after so much time apart and all that has happened, Asirpa’s feelings about the Ainu struggle have changed. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Tsurumi begins trying to decipher the code in the tattooed skins and sends a double agent into Hijikata’s group. But Hijikata is no fool, however, and engages in a battle of wits with Tsurumi. Regardless of who comes out top, it is clear that only Asirpa holds the key to finding the Ainu gold.

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