In Another World With My Smartphone Vol. 3 (Manga)

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Publisher: YEN PRESS
Release Year: 2021
Media: Manga
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Age Rating: 13+
Item Number: 9781975321079

In Another World With My Smartphone Manga Volume 3 features story by Patora Fuyuhara and art by Soto and Eiji Usatsuka.
Touya’s getting a feel for his new world, and he’s got a cute bunch of girls to keep him company along the way! But while he’s enjoying the trip, he’s also had a lot to deal with! After a crisis breaks out, Touya’s quick thinking earns him the affection of yet another lovely maiden...

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Manufacturer: Yen Press
Release Year:
Box Size (Approximately):  x x x inches
Item/Figure Size (Approximately): inches

Item Number: 9781975321079

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