Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Collection 2 (Blu-Ray)

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Publisher: SUNRISE INC

Spoken Language: English, Japanese

Subtitle Language: English

Genre: Science Fiction

Themes: Mecha

Age Rating: 14+

Run Time: 525

Year Created: 2011

Release Date: 6/5/2018

Region Code: A


Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Collection 2 contains episodes 29-49 of the anime directed by Susumu Yamaguchi.

The final chapter of an epic Gundam story!

Flit Asuno, driven by his hatred of the Vagan, has sworn to exterminate the enemy. Asemu Asuno, in his neutral role as a space pirate, tries to preserve the balance between both sides. And Kio Asuno, hoping to end the war between the Earth and Mars Spheres, is taking action. Their respective desires have had a great effect on the course of the war. Can the desires of these three people halt the dreadful plans of Ezelcant, the ruler of the Mars Sphere?

Special Features: Clean Closing 3 & 4, Clean Openings 3 & 4, TV Commercials.