Weiss Schwarz: Booster Box -The Idolmaster Million Live! (JP)

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Released on 2022/06/24 (Fri)
[Title classification: THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! / Work number: IMS, IAS]

9 cards per pack
Suggested retail price 440 yen (tax included)

1 box 16 packs
Suggested retail price 7,040 yen (tax included)

1 carton 18 boxes
Number of card types: 123 normal types + 128 parallel types (planned)
Rarity (planned)
5 types of SEC (secret) ... [RR] parallel
SP (special) 52 types ... [RR] [R] parallel
RRR (triple rare) 19 types ... [CR] [CC] parallel
BNP ( Brand New Parallel) 52 types… [U] [C] parallel
RR (double rare ) 12 types
R (rare) 40 types
U (uncommon) 26 types
C (common) 26 types
CR (climax rare) 6 types
CC (climax common) 13 types
■ Foil stamping sign card information
[Includes 5 types of foil stamping sign cards by the cast! ]
 Haruka Yamazaki (as Mirai Kasuga)
 Azusa Tadokoro (as Shizuka Mogami)
 Machico (as Tsubasa Ibuki)
 Saki Minami (as Tsumugi Shiraishi)
 Arisa Kaori (as Kaori Sakuramori)

[Foil stamping idol sign for all 52 people Includes 52 types of cards! ]

■Rarity SEC is an original illustration of 5 idols!
(Mirai Kasuga/Shizuka Mogami/Tsubasa Ibuki/Tsumugi Shiraishi/Kaori Sakuramori)
The costume is an original costume designed with the image of "Weiss Schwarz"!

■Box benefits (planned)
One of the 19 types of PR cards included in the box will be randomly included in the box!
(We are planning an overframe specification ver of the recorded climax card)
* The inclusion in the reprint is undecided.





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