Goblin Slayer Vol. 13 (Novel)

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Publisher: YEN ON

Release Year: 2021

Media: Light Novel

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Age Rating: 16+

Item Number: 9781975333492


Goblin Slayer Novel Volume 13 is written by Kumo Kagyu with illustrations by Noboru Kannatuki.

The dungeon exploration contest—a famous test of survival in an underground maze filled with deadly traps; the stuff of legends. And now the Guild wants to use this test to train rookie adventurers! A certain silver-ranked adventurer is drafted to oversee the competition while Guild Girl takes a surprising liking to setting the traps. But as preparations commence and an aspiring adventurer takes up her sword, the shadow of chaos looms just out of sight...

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Manufacturer: Yen On
Release Year:
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Item Number: 9781975333492

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